Compressor PM Checklist Data Imported into Mechanic’s Mate CMMS

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Task ID Task Category Task Name Procedure
COMP-001 Inspection Overall Visual Inspection Complete overall visual inspection to be sure all equipment is operating and safety systems are in place.
COMP-002 Safety Tank Purge Drain moisture from tank, check low pressure cut-in; while draining,
check discharge for indication of interior corrosion. Check traps for proper operation.
COMP-003 Inspection Safety Relief Valves Check operation of high pressure safety relief valve. Check operation of all safety relief valves.
COMP-004 Inspection Air Filter Check and clean or replace air intake filter as necessary.
COMP-005 Inspection Belts Check tension, condition and alignment of belts. Adjust/replace as
necessary. Replace dual belts as a set.
COMP-006 Inspection Operation Check Perform operation check of compressor system and adjust as
COMP-007 Cleaning Cleaning Clean and degrease the compressor cooling fins. Clean exterior of compressor, motor & surrounding area.
COMP-008 Inspection Motor Inspection Check motor operation for excessive vibration, noise & overheating.
COMP-009 Inspection Compressor Run Time Check Record compressor run times. Monitor operation for run time variance from trended norms.
COMP-010 Inspection Dryers Check dryers for proper function.
COMP-011 Inspection Leakage Assessment Look for and report any system leakages.
COMP-012 Inspection Lubrication Check Check oil level and note color. Have oil samples analyzed to spot problems with oxidation and wear.
COMP-013 Inspection Pressure Reducing Check Record pressure reducing valve settings and adjust as required.
COMP-014 Inspection Temperature Check Verify operating temperature is per manufacturer specification.
COMP-015 Cleaning Traps Clean oil/water traps.
COMP-016 Inspection Ventilation Check Make sure proper ventilation is available for compressor and inlet.
COMP-017 Inspection Pressure Controls Check Check operation of the cut-in and cut-out pressure controls.
COMP-018 Inspection Alignment Check Check sheave alignment and level of shafts.
COMP-019 Inspection Control Check Ensure that lead/lag/sequencing controls are operating compressors efficiently.
COMP-020 Lubrication Oil Change Replace Compressor Oil, resume operation and check oil for proper oil level and pressure.
COMP-021 Lubrication Oil Filter Change Change oil filter. After replacement, check for leaks.
COMP-022 Inspection Unloader Valve Check Check operation of unloader and check valves.
COMP-023 Inspection Valve Assembly Checks Check operation of all valve assemblies as required.
COMP-024 Inspection Coalescent Filters Change coalescent filters as required.
COMP-025 Lubrication Motor Lubrication Lubricate motor per manufacturer's specification. Do not over-grease. Use only the specifed type.
COMP-026 Inspection Overall Visual Inspection Complete overall visual inspection to be sure all equipment is operating and safety systems are in place.