Pump PM Checklist Data Imported into Mechanic’s Mate CMMS

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Task ID Task Category Task Name Procedure
PUMP-001 Inspection Pump Use/Sequencing Turn off/sequence unnecessary pumps.
PUMP-002 Inspection Overall Visual Inspection Complete overall visual inspection to be sure all equipment is operating and safety systems are in place.
PUMP-003 Lubrication Pump Lubrication For oil-lubricated pumps, change the oil after the first 200 hours of operation for a new pump, and then after every three months or 2,000 operating hours, whichever comes first. For grease-lubricated pumps, bearings should be greased every three months or 2,000 operating hours, whichever comes first. Avoid over-greasing.
PUMP-004 Inspection Leakage Check Mechanical seals should show no signs of visible leakage. Some packing leaking is normal, but this should not exceed a rate of about 40 to 60 drops per minute.
PUMP-005 Inspection Pump Mountings Check and secure all pump mountings. Verify the integrity of the pump’s foundation and check the hold-down bolts for tightness.
PUMP-006 Inspection Maintenance Intervals Check If the pump is used in severe service conditions, such as in highly corrosive liquids, maintenance/monitoring intervals should be shortened.
PUMP-007 Inspection Pump Packing Check packing for wear and repack as necessary. Consider replacing packing with mechanical seals.
PUMP-008 Inspection Belts Inspect drive belts for wear. Adjust or replace as required.
PUMP-009 Inspection Bearing Lube Condition Check Inspect the bearing lubricant. It should be clear with no signs of frothing.
PUMP-010 Inspection Bearing Temperatures Monitor bearing temperatures. An increase in bearing temperatures may indicate imminent failure.
PUMP-011 Lubrication Motor Bearings Lubrication Grease the motor bearings according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid over-greasing.
PUMP-012 Inspection Pump Shaft Alignment Check the pump shaft alignment.
PUMP-013 Lubrication Shaft Coupling Lubrication Lubricate the shaft coupling as required.
PUMP-014 Inspection Overall Vibration Check Check overall pump vibration. Imminent bearing failure can be preceded by a change in bearing vibration. Excessive vibration can result from a change in pump alignment or cavitation resonances between the pump, its foundation, or the valves located in the suction and/or discharge lines. Excessive vibration may indicate imminent failure.
PUMP-015 Inspection Discharge Presssure Check A gradual decrease in the developed head pressure of the pump may indicate that the impeller clearance has widened. An impeller clearance adjustment may be required to restore the pump to its intended design performance.
PUMP-016 Inspection Head Pressure Check Measure the head pressure developed, as measured by the suction and discharge gauges, record and compare to original operational benchmarks.
PUMP-017 Inspection Pump Flow Rate Check Measure the centrifugal pump flow rate, record and compare to original operational benchmarks.
PUMP-018 Inspection Motor Load Check Measure the motor amp draw, record and compare to original operational benchmarks.
PUMP-019 Inspection Pump Vibration Check Measure the pump vibration signature, record and compare to original operational benchmarks.
PUMP-020 Inspection Shaft Wear Check Check the shaft for any evidence of corrosion or wear and straightness.
PUMP-021 Inspection Impeller Inspect the impeller for wear, erosion, or corrosion damage. If the vanes are bent or show unacceptable wear, the impeller should be replaced.
PUMP-022 Inspection Bearing Frame/Foot Inspection Check bearing frame and foot. Inspect for cracks, roughness, rust, or scale. Inspect machined surfaces for pitting or erosion.
PUMP-023 Cleaning Bearing Frame/Foot Cleaning Bearing frame. Inspect all tapped connections for dirt. Clean and chase threads as necessary. Remove all loose or foreign material. Inspect lubrication passages to be sure that they are not blocked.
PUMP-024 Inspection Bearing Shaft/Sleeve Inspect bearing shaft/sleeve for grooves or pitting. Check bearing fits and shaft runout, and replace the shaft and sleeve if worn or if the shaft runout is greater than allowable specification.
PUMP-025 Inspection Casing Inspection Casing. Inspect for signs of wear, corrosion, or pitting. If wear exceeds allowable specification, the casing should be replaced. Check gasket surfaces for signs of irregularities.
PUMP-026 Inspection Frame Adapter Inspect frame adapter for cracks, warpage, or corrosion damage and replace if any of these conditions are present.
PUMP-027 Inspection Bearing housing Inspect bearing housing for signs of wear, corrosion, cracks or pits. Replace housings if worn or out of tolerance.
PUMP-028 Inspection Seal Chamber Check seal chamber/stuffing box cover for pitting, cracks, erosion or corrosion. Inspect for any wear, scoring or grooves that might be on the chamber face. Replace if worn more than allowable specification.